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Whether you’re detailing a car or cleaning your kitchen, the right tools make all the difference — and that’s exactly why you need the multipurpose cleaning products we offer at CleanTools. Designed to revolutionize the way you clean, dry and detail surfaces, our absorbent towels and detailing cloths help you save time and energy at home, outdoors, at the gym, in the park and more. Explore our full line of products designed to make your daily drying tasks easier than ever. Whether you’re looking for drying tools, detailing cloths, buffing balls or wash mitts, we have what you need.

Types of CleanTools Products

Our products fall into six categories, each catering to a different set of needs. Take your pick of selections like:

  • The Absorber®: The best drying tools on the market, each of The Absorber products soak up moisture quickly and conveniently. Available in classic, mini or XL sizes.
  • Detailing Tools: After washing your car, detail it with our glossing products — the perfect “wax-as-you-dry” towels!
  • Microfiber Cloths: Clean and polish everything from household furniture to your vehicle’s dashboard with microfiber cloths that require no chemicals to create a pristine sheen. 
  • Buffing Tools: Achieve professional polishing results with our buffing balls.
  • Wash Mitts: Our natural wool/polyester/nylon Wash Mitt removes dirt and grime gently and easily.
  • Specials: We also offer specialty packs like a three-pack of The Absorber Mini, a six-pack of The Glosser or a premium detailing kit that provides everything you need to make your car shine.

The Many Uses for Our Multipurpose Cleaning Products

From drying your dog after a bath to cleaning up campsite surfaces before you sit to eat, there are all kinds of ways to use CleanTools products. Purchase our products to enjoy the finest way to keep your car showroom-perfect, the tools to keep your boat looking clean and new, the drying gear to clear your kitchen counters efficiently and more! CleanTools offers products to make everything from drying after a workout to detailing a car interior simple.

Check out our full line of products above.



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